Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New portfolios posted

i've been meaning to post about my online portfolio for a while but keep forgetting . . . now i have a second one, and so it's a good time to announce both . . .

as an offshoot of my deviantArt account and galleries i recently posted a portfolio of some of my better pics in several categories, including portraits, music & theatre, natural photos, and a miscellaneous bunch that includes still lifes and landscapes . . . those pics are at http://tonygallucci.daportfolio.com

i also started a portfolio of some cool pics i've been playing with lately . . . pics i take while driving, and pics that mix urban and manmade with natural beauty . . . some more explanation is on the portfolio site . . . that one is at http://vignettes.daportfolio.com

please feel free to comment on my gallery site at http://sevenbullsboy.deviantart.com or to email me here . . .

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