Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scientific Links I

I have cleaned up my blog somewhat to begin 2010, and since much of my time has been geared towards photography, film and theatre production, i have cleaned up my links sidebar to retain only those links related to those particular pursuits. While there is significant crossover in my interests, and some of that crossover is still represented there, the greater portion of the links were related to my interests in the natural sciences, hundreds of links in fact. And so to make the site less unwieldy i have transferred all those links (many of which are untested and perhaps broken) to two separate long posts, both postdated back to Septemeber to avoid overwhelming current posts, so that they can still be accessed, especially for those looking to do work on odonates, molluscs, equids, and certain birds, turtles, snakes, primates and cetaceans with which i have a research background. This list below is the most recent one and represents a sort of narrowed down list . . . if you don't find what you were looking for here, try looking in the second systematic folder, which has additional links, organized a bit differently. Again many links are old and may be broken. Links to friends of mine working in these fields, plus various film and photography sites directly related to fauna remain on my main page.


Rural Kerr County Forecast

Area Radar

New Braunfels Live NEXRAD

Bracketteville Live NEXRAD

San Angelo Live NEXRAD

Hunt Floodstage

Live Weather Satellites

National Hurricane Center

National Severe Storms Laboratory

Hurricane Imagery

Hurricane Tracker

Storm Prediction Center

Weather Underground

Dr. Jeff Masters

NM Live Seismograph

TX Live Seismograph

Current Worldwide Earthquake Activity

Dept of Defense Satellites

Local Sunrise/Sunset

U.S. Latilongs

Tide Predictor

Tide and Current Predictor

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