Friday, September 18, 2009

This is where i live . . . part 1

i've been wanting for some time to write a regular column about the burg where i live . . . i have a long story to tell to put everything into context, but i haven't finished it, and things are beginning to gather in my drafts box . . . so for now i'm going to start posting some pics and news stories and keep a running tab on the silliness of the place where i live . . . a place where Kinky Friedman and Karl Rove live just down the road so to speak, a place known as much for its string of bizarre murders as it is for being the home of HEB Grocery Stores, James Avery Jewelry, the Kerrville Folk Festival, the Texas State Arts & Crafts Fair and Mr. Gatti's Pizza . . . we're a small community with an incredibly rich (and old) and famous population, as well as a section of town where the black population is still sequestered called The Settlement, and an astonishingly poor community we lovingly call Little Appalachia in the suburb of Ingram . . . more to come later, but for now, let me assure you, this is not everyday small town Texas . . . we're quite happily ahead of the curve, for 19th Century thinking . . .

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