Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is where i live . . . part 7

the Daily Times does a little reporting . . . be sure to check out their website for their coverage of this and other delightful local stories . . . http://dailytimes.com/

KPD not talking about former officers

Conor Harrison, The Daily Times, Published September 22, 2009

The Kerrville Police Department is staying quiet about two of their former officers’ possible involvement in a steroid drug case against Department of Public Safety officer Jeff Jerman.

KPD detective Danny Sanchez was terminated on Friday, one day after his brother, Larry Sanchez, resigned as school resource officer at Tivy.

The department’s acting chief, Capt. David Knight, issued a statement through the public relations department. KPD Chief John Young currently is out of town.

“Based on the information the administration has obtained, we are not going to make any comments because this is a personnel issue. Neither Larry nor Danny Sanchez are employed with the city of Kerrville. If any other information is needed, contact the city’s human resource department.”

According to city manager Todd Parton, the internal KPD investigation was “stimulated by the DPS trooper in that, some information potentially implicated a couple of our officers.”

Parton did say that “no criminal charges or pending charges have been filed against the Sanchezes.”

“This has more to do with a violation of city employee personnel policies than anything else,” Parton said. “I believe the investigation has pretty much been closed down. Both of the men were very good officers.”

Parton did say the case involved steroids, but would not elaborate exactly how the pair was connected to the Jerman case.

Danny Sanchez was a 16-year veteran of the force, and his brother Larry had been employed by the force for three or four years, according to Parton.

Texas Ranger Wayne Matthews, who is heading the investigation into Jerman, said he was waiting to present evidence to the grand jury before he could comment. He said his investigation remains open and ongoing, although he gave no indication that either of the Sanchez brothers would face charges.

“They have not been charged with anything,” Matthews said.

Matthews will present evidence to the grand jury on Oct. 5.

KISD officials respond to SRO's resignation

By Tim Sampson, Times Staff Writer, The Daily Times, Published September 22, 2009

Following the resignation of Tivy High School’s student resource officer, Kerrville Independent School District administrators are distancing themselves from the former law enforcement official who resigned Thursday amid an investigation by the Kerrville Police Department.

Officer Larry Sanchez, who served as the district’s on-campus law enforcement official for less than a month, resigned a day before his brother and fellow KPD officer Danny Sanchez was fired for alleged steroid use.

“We received a courtesy call from the police department, notifying us of the resignation,” said assistant superintendent Robert Jolly.

Administrators at the school were given little insight into the nature of the investigation against Sanchez.

According to Laurie Gagne, director of special programs for the district, who oversaw Sanchez’s position, the school has no role in choosing the resource officer.

“It’s entirely done by the (Kerrville Police) Department,” Gagne said. “We have a partnership with them and trust their judgment.”

Jolly added, “We have little to do with choosing the actual officer assigned as student resource officer.”

But despite having no oversight in hiring the resource officer, KISD still funds half the position’s salary, with the other half coming from KPD.

During Sanchez’s brief tenure at the school, starting on Aug. 24, Gagne said there were no complaints about his performance.

Last month Gagne was quick to praise Sanchez.

“I think he’ll be great in the position,” she said in August.

According to Gagne, the role of the resource officer includes building connections with kids to help detect and uncover unlawful behavior.

It’s not known how long the school will be without a resource officer, according to Sgt. Mary Krebs, who supervises the position at KPD. She said a new candidate will be chosen from the department and ultimately approved by the chief of police.

“We hope to have a new resource officer fairly soon,” Jolly said. “It’s an important position.”

Vacant judge seat to be filled by appointment
Tim Sampson, The Daily Times, Published September 22, 2009

A week after 198th District Court Judge Emil Karl Prohl’s sudden resignation, three members of the local legal community have put their names in for consideration for appointment by the governor to replace Prohl until next year’s election.

As of Monday afternoon, Kerrville attorney and associate municipal court judge Patrick Maguire had submitted an application, and attorney Robert Kelly and attorney and presiding municipal judge Mark Prislovsky also are preparing to submit applications to Gov. Rick Perry to be considered for the appointment.

A spokesman for the governor’s office said there was no firm time frame for when a permanent replacement would be appointed to the bench. Until then, a series of replacements, appointed by State District Judge Stephen Ables, will serve in Prohl’s place to allow cases to continue as scheduled.

“Until someone is appointed, it is my job to place people in that seat,” Ables said. “I’ll use my retired judges in the area until someone is appointed.”

It is not known when Perry will make the appointment. The appointed judge will serve until the next regular election in November 2010.

Maguire was the first candidate to file an application with the governor’s office.

“I think I have a lot to offer to the position,” said Maguire, who served as assistant district attorney in Bexar County before becoming an attorney and associate municipal judge in his hometown of Kerrville.

Prislovsky, who has presided in the municipal court for 21 years, said he’s applied for the vacancy to continue his service.

“I think this is a good continuation of the work I’ve done,” he said.

Kelly, a veteran Kerrville attorney with 35 years experience, said he hopes to remove the “cloud” that hangs over the 198th bench from the investigation into former judge Prohl.

“I’m troubled by the cloud over the office and would like to raise it to a higher level,” he said.

Prohl, who served on the bench for 18 years, resigned last week with more than a year left in his term.

Anyone interested in the district judge seat can contact the governor’s office at 512-463-2000 for an application.

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