Saturday, October 24, 2009


hohohohoho, front page headline in the online Daily Times . . .

Ingram grabs first victory in five seasons
Fredericksburg wins 42-12 over ITM

Here's a hint to the daily times . . . i worked hard to send a note to someone about this shameful mistake, but your contact pages are near impossible to find, and cumbersome to use . . . if you want the occasional folk to help you out of your egregiousness, how about a front page "Contact Us" or "Report an Error" link and a simple anonymous email shoot . . . sure, you'll have to wade through a little garbage, but you might also gain something . . . although i quite like catching you in these amazing errors, they make for good blogging . . . just sayin' . . . on the other hand this one hurt a lot of fine kids who are trying to do so much for their school with little appreciation . . . and because of that i made an effort and then gave up . . . and guess what this was posted a full two days online . . . maybe you just need to check your own site on occasion . . .

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