Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Daily Excitement

Story as soon as i know what happened . . . but it involved multiple chases, spiked tires, and being handcuffed to the gurney . . .

okay here it is:

Man leads officers on high speed chase

Published October 29, 2009

A Phoenix man who spent Tuesday night in the Kerr County Jail on a misdemeanor theft charge was free only a couple of hours before leading local law enforcement on a high speed chase.

After posting a $1,000 bail on Wednesday morning, Matthew Joel Friedman, 27, went to pick up his vehicle at an impound yard located at 202 Kerrville Country Drive.

Instead of paying the charge to recover his vehicle, Friedman got into his car and left the scene without paying. The tow company alerted police, who saw the man and his Ford Explorer heading Westbound on Interstate 10.

The chase began at approximately 10 a.m., when Kerr County Sheriff’s Office deputies attempted to stop Friedman on Goat Creek Road. The suspect refused to stop and approached speeds of 80 mph, according to witnesses.

The suspect continued to lead police through Ingram and out Texas 39, when he made a sudden U-turn to avoid Ingram City Marshals, who had joined the chase near Goat Creek Cutoff.

The suspect weaved around and avoided multiple spike strips used to blow out tires on his vehicle in the Kelly Creek Road area before driving through a yard and causing one minor accident with a chase vehicle. He also narrowly avoided two head-on collisions with motorists on Texas 39 and nearly ran over a man on a bicycle in Ingram.

The chase continued from Ingram toward Kerrville, when a Department of Public Safety officer, fearing for a loss of life, discharged a shotgun round into the suspects’ back right tire, causing him to swerve off of Junction Highway, through a fence at the Guadalupe RV Park and continue into a cedar-filled ditch, where his vehicle came to a hault.

According to Department of Public Safety officials at the scene, the man was alone in the vehicle, and was arrested without resistance after the crash.

He likely will be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and additional charges stemming from the chase.

He was transported to Peterson Regional Medical Center with a broken leg and possible internal injuries.

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