Monday, October 12, 2009

The Daily Silliness

In some ways i feel kinda stupid doing this, but it's too funny to pass up . . . Blogger has its own commenting system on blogs, but long ago, because of some other benefits of the service, i opted to use the Haloscan commenting system (which ends up having some terribly annoying quirks, but i've lived with it . . .) . . . anyway, while Haloscan usurps the Bogger commenting system, the house system is lurking in the background . . . it's essentially unused since there is no way for anyone to click it or access it in conjunction with my stories . . . BUT someone, a few weeks ago, of course found a way in via a bot. Someone, likely in South Korea or Taiwan since that's where they all come from, has ingeniously created a coded commenting bot that sends comments to individual blog posts through the blogger system. Even though these never show up on my blog posts, they DO show up in my moderation panel and i get emails about them. 90% of them are in oriental characters that i can't read, and are likely straightforward sales pitches . . . but a few come through with english translations attached, or simply english slogans written by someone when they send them out. i collected a few yesterday while going through the moderation process, just because they were unintentionally funny . . . here they are . . . i feel somewhat mitigated by the fact that even though i won't let them show up in my comments, and i am posting them anyway here, that i am not including the sales pitch and links to their various herbal remedies and *enhancers* . . .

Time for a wise person, as precious as diamonds; but right fool, it becomes like a soil, there is no point value.

Do the right thing is smart to do should not do is ignorance.

Day, doing nothing is the life of the consumers; positive pay, is the creator of life. Nothing to do, that is, had an empty life; If people continue to pay the interest, that is, good life.

Do you want a change for the love nest to re-shape do! You want to purchase furniture for the sweet nest re-do!

On the ground planted vegetables, it is unlikely that long grass; the hearts of the good, it is unlikely that health evil.

Confidence, perseverance, courage, all three in place, then the world is not impossible to do things.

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