Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This is where i live . . . part 11

i have a bad feeling we're only beginning to hear the real story on this one . . .

p.s. happy birthday to blogger!

Trooper indicted on drug charges
By Conor Harrison, The Daily Times, Published October 7, 2009

Former Department of Public Safety Trooper Jeffery Jerman was indicted by a 198th Judicial Grand Jury on Monday on charges stemming from his arrest in September for allegedly selling steroids to former Kerrville police officer Danny Sanchez in the parking lot of the Kerrville H-E-B on Sept 7.

The indictment read, “Jeffery Mark Jerman ... did intentionally and knowingly deliver, by actual transfer, to Danny Sanchez, controlled substances, namely Nandrolone, Trenbolone and Stanozolol, in an amount of more than four grams but less than 200 grams, by aggregate weight, including any adulterants and dilutants.”

Amos Barton, District Attorney for the 198th District Court, said he is waiting to hear from the U.S Attorney’s Office, which currently is mulling federal charges against Jerman, on how to proceed.

Barton did not know the details of the federal case.

“Presently, I’m figuring out what they are looking at, talking with defense council and in discovery,” Barton said.

Barton added the earliest the Jerman case would go to trial would be in early 2010.

Sanchez was working as an undercover informant with the Kerrville Police Department at the time the transfer took place, and was terminated a week later.

Sanchez’s attorney, Richard Ellison, said, “The only reason that Danny Sanchez’s name appears in the indictment is that he was working for law enforcement. Law enforcement officers who were investigating Trooper Jerman asked Mr. Sanchez to work undercover to assist them in their investigation of Trooper Jerman. Mr. Sanchez assisted them, by buying the substances from Trooper Jerman at the request of law enforcement, with funds provided by law enforcement and with law enforcement agents observing and recording the entire event.”

When asked the reason for Sanchez’s termination, Ellison responded, “That’s what we are trying to figure out. It was unfair. Danny was a great police officer who didn’t do anything wrong and deserves to get his job back.”

Ellison was quoted by other news outlets last week saying his client did purchase steroids from Jerman one time in 2005, but didn’t like them after breaking out in a rash.

Sanchez has filed an appeal with the city for wrongful termination.

The city of Kerrville and the Kerrville Police Department refused to comment on the case as it involves Sanchez, citing employee privacy issues.

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