Friday, October 02, 2009

This is where i live . . . part 9

i didn't say this before, but the connection is a bit obvious, and now i've been hearing about it from others . . . the deal is, what connection might all of this have to non-cops . . . as in, who is buying these steroids . . . well, Schreiner Uinversity isn't fielding a football team, so is there a high school connection? that would turn some things upside down around here . . . or is this a cops-cops in the gym thing going on? . . . if so, why would a DPS officer (while allowing for the innocent until proven guilty process to transpire, which i am totally behind) be selling outside HEB? it would be nice if someone publicly made some sense of this before the rumors get out of hand . . . and i have to provide a disclaimer here out of fairness: i have known one of these officers, on an acquaintance basis, since the 90s, through my work with the schools and as a journalist, as well as knowing a significant number of cops, troopers and deputies in the county . . .

in story two below, one also has to wonder about the number of cop-shootings taking place in a town as small as kerrville . . . perhaps it's a run of really bad circumstances, but maybe it should be examined . . . dating all the way back to Eddie Gonzales' shooting at UGRA Dam back in the 90s . . . and i should mention that part of my concern, at least on the surface, lay in the fact that all of those shot were Hispanic . . . and i am not making any accusations, it may be within whatever the norm is for shootings per capita, but it feels high . . .

Sanchez files appeal over his termination
By Conor Harrison, The Daily Times, Published October 2, 2009

Former Kerrville police officer Danny Sanchez has filed an appeal with the city over his termination on Sept. 18, after an internal investigation connected him with Department of Public Safety trooper Jeff Jerman. Jerman was arrested Sept. 11, on charges of delivery of a controlled substance.

Although the city can not comment on personnel issues, human resources director Kim Meismer said after an employee is terminated, they may send a written letter of appeal to city manager Todd Parton. Once that happens, a meeting will take place between the parties, and Parton will make a decision.

Meismer said Parton’s decision will be final.

According to other news agencies, Sanchez hired local attorney Richard Ellison to represent him.

Multiple calls to Ellison’s office were not returned.

Jerman was arrested after allegedly selling steroids to an informant in the parking lot of the Kerrville H-E-B on Sept. 7.

Danny’s brother, Larry Sanchez, resigned as the school resource officer a day before his brother was terminated.

KPD officers named from fatal shooting

, Published October 2, 2009

The Kerrville Police Department released the names of the four officers involved in the fatal shooting of murder suspect Mario Ramirez early Monday morning.

KPD Patrol Officers James Bowlin, an 11-year veteran; Scott Gaige, a four-year veteran; Shalethea Makin, a two-year veteran; and, Joshua Jureczki, a three-year veteran, still are on special assignment, but will be returned to regular duty after Oct. 5, according to a KPD release.

The Criminal Investigation Unit has identified as Ramirez the 911 caller that originally called police and told them a group of people were making a disturbance in Guadalupe River Park and might be armed.

“Witnesses confirm Ramirez’ use of the phone at the time of the 911 call,” according to the release.

The investigation also confirmed Ramirez as the only suspect in the shooting death of his 20-year-old girlfriend, Linda Lopez.

KPD, with the assistance of the Texas Rangers, has submitted the firearm recovered from Ramirez to the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory for analysis. It is believed that the DPS lab will be able to confirm that this weapon was the one used in the homicide of Lopez.

KPD investigators are awaiting the preliminary autopsy from the Office of the Travis County Medical Examiner, who performed the autopsies on Ramirez and Lopez. If bullets are recovered during the course of these autopsies, the projectiles will be submitted to the DPS lab for analysis.

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