Thursday, November 26, 2009

ATH: Tweets from the A&M-Texas Game

fidoz Someone in the endzone held up a honey glazed ham and distracted the A&M kicker.

BradFalcone23 A&M's kicker is not getting laid

bighutch this UT-A&M shit is going to give me a stroke.

4th quarter -- funny how my twitter and email have shut down pretty much completely . . . i know too many ags and horns . . . also funny how the trending tweets on the game have gone from dissing a&m's defense to dissing texas' as the game wears on . . . very funny

cursmudgeoney Texas player down, Deon Beasley. The boisterous Kyle Field is dead quiet. A&M students and players look as worried as Texas kids. Class!

JohnBFischer I admire the Texas A&M football players praying for the injured Texas Longhorn player. Sportsmanship at its finest.

TylenniusBoje I really got to give a&m alot of respect for the moment of silents in the satium and the team

wtdoyle one thing Texas A&M does have class and respect...

dodrummond Reaffirmed respect for the A&M program after that injury to Beasley. Product of over a century of rivalry.

kaleljmz Awesome respect shown from A&M regarding our players injury... always appreciated

wtexas17 Wow he's been down 4 a while. Im glad that A&M are being respectful. I know its a rivalry game, but some1's life overrides that.

photonell remarkably good sportmanship by A&M players while Beasley is down. made me tear up.

phxreguy: I am not particularly fond of Texas A&M. But class act by team and fans while UT player was down.

ToriJohnson: "Notice how quiet it is at A&M. Good sportsmanship..." class

terryheller i swore i wouldn't let this damn game get to me, but even tho we're ahead by 2 touchdowns it feels like NOTHING when we're playing

Dewveall FRUSTRADED: Texas vs. Texas A&M is on and I can't watch it.

evanblackwell: I can't be the only one who thinks the TX A&M yell leaders dress like staff members of a 1960s mental institution.

RebelJaye At my god mothers house drinking, trimming the tree, good music, good company, texas/ a&m game on mute. Lifes good!

catholic_kelly I got no intarwebs. How's the A&M-Texas game?

RamonCastillo2 Did you hear about the skeleton they found in a closet in one of the dorms at A&M? It was the 1963 hide-and-go-seek champion!

TheUltimateGent Still in Texas. They all wild ln on this Texas/Texas A&M

kstrather So I guess no ones majoring in Defense at Texas and Texas A & M. Good game. Hope the longhorns wins

RileyChris I wonder if Colt will thank the A&M defense during his Heisman speech

kevinphanley Thank you god for Texas vs. A & M for a decent football game on thanksgiving.

Scrapgirl933 Dear Texas A&M please make an Oklahoma fan happy and ruin Texas' season.

adamgleaves For the sake of saving the country from listening to Texas fans screaming about getting screwed this year, let's go A&M!

SammyWallace A&M has more cheers against UT then they do for there own self support!.. Think about that..

austintx Dear A&M, it's not gonna happen.

lesliettravis 84,671 is the attendance in CS watching

kungfusquirrel On the other hand, I really like the ribbon on A&M's logo. Great tribute.

uncle_sean Dear Texas A&M: please remember there is a 3rd quarter in every game you play.

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