Friday, November 20, 2009

You're Dangerous 3

Yes, this is you. You were using the center turn lane as a staging lane to merge into traffic. So i took your picture (and yeah i'd love to get your picture IN the turn lane, but by the time i get my camera turned on you've already made your move . . . still this is you, and you know you did it). I oughta go to the police and file a complaint, but i'm not into that (not to mention the times i have seen cops in the vicinity when this takes place and never once have i seen anyone pulled over for it). I am into people taking responsibility for their own actions anyway, and thinking of others in the process. Because, you see, this is not only illegal it's dangerous. And here's why. Because it's illegal, i always assume that that person pulling into the lane is oblivious to the drivers around them, often bearing down at high speed, and is about to pull in front of me and get slammed at 50, 60, miles an hour. So i brake, really hard sometimes, because not only are you illegal, you're often sloppy too and get so close to the lane that i'm certain we're going to collide . . . not to mention that over the years i have had people who DID pull into my lane completely oblivious to me bearing down at highway speed. So i take no chances. And of course for the people behind me, often oblivious themselves, it is harrowing to suddenly be bearing down on me at high speed from behind when i shouldn't be braking in my lane. That puts me in danger from two directions. And i resent it. Resent that, in your freaking hurry to get somewhere, that extra five or ten seconds of driving safely gives way to this stupid practice of yours. And isn't it ironic that one of you is driving a company vehicle? I oughta call your boss to complain, but jobs are hard to come by aren't they, so why don't you get a little common sense and set aside a little of your time-greed. And i have not even touched on the inconvenience and danger presented when you are in that lane moving and someone needs to get in it to turn legitimately . . . I am not amused.

Yeah that's you!

Yeah that's you! Does the company know you're driving like that?

And yeah that's You! And not only are you using the
lane improperly,
but you nearly rear-end someone who's in the
turn lane correctly and you just barely
get into a proper lane, and
oh look, you're on the phone too! How considerate
dangerous of you . . .

And oops, that's you!

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