Wednesday, January 06, 2010

COM: Dang cold!

Excerpts from The Daily Times, January 6, 2010

Winds are forecast to shift from a southerly to a northerly direction tonight as the front “blasts in,” according to local meteorologist Cary Burgess.

“Thursday morning will see temperatures in the low 20s, with the wind chill in teens or single digits,” Burgess said. “There won’t be a lot of wintery precipitation, maybe a little fog. Residents should be very careful on highway overpasses.”

“The winds should start to settle down in the late afternoon on Thursday,” Burgess said. “Friday morning will see any clouds clearing out and temperatures will be in the teens, maybe single digits in colder spots in the morning. Friday will be sunny with temperatures in the 30s. We might go through a 24-hour period below freezing on Thursday and Friday.”

“Some spots in Texas have had one of the coldest Decembers on record,” Burgess said. Typically, our coldest month of the year is January, so this is somewhat par for the course. It probably will be the most prolonged freeze we’ve seen in the last five or 10 years.”

• The record low for Jan. 7 was a 12-degree reading in 1970.

• The average low for that day is 36 degrees.

• The forecast high for Thursday is 32 degrees.

The low recorded during my time in Kerr County was 6 degrees and that was in April, a day that also produced the biggest snowfall i've seen . . . it was a bizarre day that one . . .

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