Tuesday, January 19, 2010

COM: Laughing at Education

ya gotta love the Daily Times . . .

“He had a gifted, rye sense of humor,” Heise said. “That always came out during our Wednesday painting sessions.”

i don't know, maybe the artist they interviewed said ". . . and honey that's the grain related to wheat "rye", not the humorously wise "wry" . . ."

Then, there's this headline:
Brian Young, No. 12 Antlers on same path

followed by this line in the text:
At 18-5 overall and 3-1 in District 27-4A, the Antlers are ranked No. 13 in the state in Class 4A.

or how about this one:
On a night when all but one player failed to score, the No. 22 Hawks flexed their bench as . . .

or they could've just said "only one player scored. . ." . . . except that the opposite was true . . .

and strike another blow for the notoriously language-challenged combo of the Associated Press and ABCNews, creators of this gem:
At the time, however, Robert Timmins, who conducting a survey of aviary communities along the Wakhan and Pamir rivers, thought he was observing a more common warbler species.

it's such a lovely vision to think of entire swaths of giant cages along the river. . .

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