Wednesday, January 06, 2010

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i didn't know this man, but i thought this was a particularly nice and thoughtful obituary, with a cool surprise at the end . . .

Donald Martin Thompson

KERRVILLE — Donald Martin Thompson completed his transition from this life into the next in the early morning hours of Jan. 2, 2010, of this New Year. His loving wife, Wilma, was by his side. Don was prepared and at peace, his only concern being how his physical absence will affect his wife and two children.

In the small town of Armstrong, Iowa, on March 16, 1926, the fifth and last child was born to Martin and Esther Thompson. They named him Donald, and he was the baby brother to Herman, Ethel, Lillian and Alice. The family then moved to Rake, where they bought a farm and young Donald grew up contentedly helping with chores, going to school and playing on the land.

He played high school basketball and dated a girl named Wilma Fure before graduating and joining the U.S. Air Force just prior to the end of World War II. He was stationed in Japan and talked of those days for the rest of his life. Upon his return home, he attended Luther College in Northern Iowa and married Harriett Thomsen in 1946. The couple moved to Casper, Wyo., in 1949, where Don worked as an accountant at a bank. Their daughter, Patrycia (Ann) was born in 1951 and, two years after her birth, the young family returned home and settled in Mankato, Minn., in order to be closer to their parents and siblings. Don was hired by the St. Paul Dispatch/Pioneer Press at about the same time as his son, Danal Mathew, was born in 1955. He was employed in the circulation department and made his way, through the years, to the position of circulation manager.

Donald and Harriett divorced in 1967, and Don continued as a loving father with both children in his care.

Don found himself alone after his children grew up, and he began thinking about the girl he dated in high school named Wilma. Living in St. Paul, Minn., at this time and as luck (or fate) would have it, he discovered through mutual past classmates that Willi was recently divorced and also resided in the same area. He found her once again, but this time did not let her go. They were married on Jan. 5, 1979, and enjoyed every moment of their lives with friends, family, trips to faraway places, volunteer time for causes they cared deeply about, serious commitment to their church and faith, and looking after each other with smiles gracing their faces and love and happiness filling their hearts. Don retired in 1989, and he and Willi moved to Kerrville, Texas.

Don was proud to call Kerrville his home for the last 20 years and will be missed by many, many wonderful and dear friends. He counted his successes in life by the friendships he made and the love of his family.

Donald was preceded in death by his mother, father, brother, sisters and his grandson, Jesse Mathew Thompson (1979-2007).

He is survived by his wife, Wilma; daughter, Ann Bryant (Lake Tahoe, Calif.); son and daughter-in-law, Dan and Sue Thompson (Sioux Falls, S.D.); grandson, Johnny Lee Thompson (Sioux Falls); granddaughter-in-law, (wife of Jesse) Carrie Mees Thompson; and great-granddaughter, Madylyn Joy Thompson (Harrisburg, S.D.). Don also is survived by two grand doggies, Sadie and Millicent, and one grand porcupine, Martin.

Services will be held at Zion Lutheran in Kerrville at 11 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 8. Burial will be at Trinity Lutheran Church in Kiester, Minn., on Memorial Day weekend of this year.

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