Friday, January 15, 2010

COM: Six!

hahahahahhahahahahaha . . .

in the never-ending epic novel of the backwater county where i live, one that aspires to greatness with zero clue how to get there, the local newspaper is running a poll to determine the wannabe metropolis's new logo . . . there are six choices and all you have to do is call in and give them your choice! so call away!

click on the picture to get an enlarged version so you can see the choice right up close!

Reader poll

Published January 14, 2010: Which of the six
proposed new logos should the city adopt?
Call 257-0304 and leave us a message with
the number that corresponds to your choice.


No change to the city’s logo

By Mark Armstrong, The Daily Times, Published January 27, 2010

The city won’t change its logo or tag line, at least not yet.

City council members took no action on the six proposed logos or on the 90 suggested tag lines Tuesday night, but did not close the door on adopting a new design. Councilman T. Scott Gross, who has pushed for an “evolution” of the city’s current logo, said the committee charged with recommending a new city logo rejected the initial six designs and was not pleased with redesigns received Friday.

“We are not ready for prime time; to be a little bit more accurate, the designs we got back aren’t just not ready, they were awful,” Gross said.

The city has paid about $400 to an online company that provides logo designs, but not everyone on the council seemed pleased with the process.

“It just seems to me that we could spend our time more productive doing other things,” said Councilman Bruce Motheral. “I just can’t see the benefit. Our logo and tag line are already well known.”

Gross said the city’s logo needed an update to keep it from becoming stale and something that people have gotten accustom to and don’t really notice. He also said the city would not replace logos on existing city uniforms, letterheads or vehicles, but that a new logo, if approved by the council, would be changed gradually over time.

“We’ll either bring you something nice or we won’t bring you anything at all,” Gross said.

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At 12:55 PM, Blogger phlezk said...

4 is the "best"

6 is just vulgar, LOL


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