Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ENV: 2010 - Already Big Time for Rare Birds!

note that the pronunciation guide in the text here is wrong! nothing quite like authoritative garbage . . .

Rare Northern Wheatear spotted in Bee County

Associated Press, Jan. 6, 2010, 7:36AM

CLAREVILLE, Texas — A bird usually found in the Arctic has turned up in south Texas.

Willie Sekula with the Texas Bird Record Committee of the Texas Ornithological Society on Tuesday confirmed the sighting of the northern wheatear.

The thrush-like bird was first noted in late December in in southwest Bee County, in an area near the community of Clareville, about 50 miles northwest of Corpus Christi.

Sekula says the previous confirmed Texas sighting of the northern wheatear, about the size of a mockingbird, was in 1994 in the Laguna Atascosa (a-tuhs-KOH'-stuh) National Wildlife Refuge near Rio Hondo.

The wheatear is known for its white rump and tail with an inverted black T.

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