Wednesday, May 12, 2010

COM: Comment Morons . . .

Right off the bat it seems silly to take article commenters to task for their spelling and grammar skills . . . most are so busy frothing at the mouth and relying on their sordid views of how everyone else should run their lives that the craft of communication escapes them . . .

HOWEVER, when a commenter, as i sometimes do here on my blog, takes a newswriter to task then they best be prepared for all the other language nazis to pile on . . . to borrow a cup of cliche -- hilarity ensues . . .

so here's a sequence following an article about yesterday's Montreal landslide that consumed a house and killed four members of a family . . . it was a sad happening, but the comments relate to the more trivial matter of the loss of an "n" . . .

p.s. my favorite is the lady telling folks to not comment at all if all they're going to do is comment on typos, yet she felt compelled to post about people posting about typos . . .

the line in the article was:
While there was no official word on the cause of the sinkhole, geologist Judith Patterson told CNN affiliate CTV that the sinkhole looked like a kind of landslide know as a “lateral spread.”

then this first response:
"known as" not "know as". Damnit CNN, you guys most certainly need to hire more overpayed editors. Posted by: Adame Esmakidze

followed by these:
@Adame "'known as not 'know as'. Damnit CNN, you guys most certainly need to hire more overpayed editors." You mean "overpaid"? Posted by: Brian

Are you people for real? A family of 4 dies watching a hockey game in their own home, and you're writing about the definition of affiliates and typos? . . . How about not commenting at all? Posted by: Dorothy Catania

At Adame Esmakidze, It's overpaid, not overpayed. Good job there on correcting others you hypocrit Posted by: Ell

How about overpaid, not overpayed. Damnit CNN, you guys need to get a better peanut gallery. Posted by: Kitty Conrad

Adame, do you realize you misspeledl "overpaid" while pointing out the typo on "known"? Posted by: Peter Fulton Foss

The correct spelling would be hypocrite. You people who want to correct everybody else should have a dictionary in your lap at all times. Posted by: Kitty Conrad

. . . Oh yea . . . I more than likely mis-spelled some things here . . . I get that . . . no need for any of you egomaniacal, high school english teacher wannabes to point it out for me Posted by: DonTheCanuck

@ Ell....its hypocrite not hypocrit....good job on correcting others! Posted by: me

This is getting to be way too much for one day. Your misspelled word, Peter, is "misspeledl." Posted by: Kitty Conrad

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