Friday, May 07, 2010

COM: More dysfunctional editing

ABC always seems to take the prize . . . i'm beginning to wonder if they just go out looking for language idiots to hire as reporters/writers/editors . . . in any case, they provide a nearly daily cringe or chuckle with their barrage of linguistic lunacy . . .

some of their better recent faux pas . . .

4/28 "The Camden Police choose to keep a policy on searches that's one and a have pages, and it's woefully deficient. Even the state police here in New Jersey have adopted much more extensive guidelines than the Camden Police," Rossetti said.

5/7 "As for the possibility of a trading error, he said in his market the system worked and he didn’t see any unusual activity, “per say.”"

and one from CBS (10 May 2010) in which they detail a bug that caused Twitter to scramble for a fix, but at the end of the article somehow it became an embarrassment for Facebook. WTH?

the last two graphs of the article:
Twitter said that the bug did not make public any protected updates.

It was another security embarrassment for Facebook. Over the weekend, one of its board members was victimized by a Facebook phishing scheme.

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