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ENV: Trip List 20 June 2010

20 June 2010 trip to survey odonates and for filming at Cook’s Slough, Tom Nunn Crossing, Concan, Big Springs Ranch, South Fork Marsh, Rio Vista Crossing, HCYR

C= TX: Uvalde Co., Cook’s Slough Nature Park
T=TX: Uvalde CO., Tom Nunn Crossing on the Nueces River
B=TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch
S=TX: Kerr Co., South Fork Marsh
R=TX: Kerr Co., Rio Vista Crossing on TX39
H=TX: Kerr Co., Hill Country Youth Ranch
K=TX: Kerr Co., West Kerr County roads on TX27, TX39 & TX41

American Rubyspot T-4, B-30, R-10 (photos)
Smoky Rubyspot R-12
Blue-fronted Dancer C-2 (film, photos)
Violet Dancer B-15
Kiowa Dancer T-2, B-60, R-1 (photos)
Powdered Dancer R-40
Aztec Dancer B-3 (photos)
Springwater Dancer B-1 (photos)
Blue-ringed Dancer C-3, B-30, R-2
Dusky Dancer T-100, B-200, R-100
Double-striped Bluet B-10
Stream Bluet B-15 (photos)
Arroyo Bluet B-1
Orange Bluet H-2
Citrine Forktail H-8
Rambur’s Forktail C-2
Desert Firetail H-20
Eastern Ringtail T-2, B-1, R-1
Pronghorn Clubtail T-1
Sulphur-tipped Clubtail C-3, T-1
Dragonhunter T-1
Four-striped Leaftail C-2, T-4, B-2 (film, photos)
Five-striped Leaftail C-1, B-1 (photos)
Narrow-striped Forceptail C-1
Dot-winged Baskettail H-1
Prince Baskettail C-1, H-1
Red-tailed Pennant C-1 (film, photos)
Four-spotted Pennant C-4 (film)
Gray-waisted Skimmer T-2 LL (film)
Halloween Pennant T-1
Checkered Setwing C-1, T-6 B-3 (photos)
Black Setwing C-8, T-8, B-2 (film, photos)
Swift Setwing C-2, B-3
Pin-tailed Pondhawk C-1, T-1
Eastern Pondhawk C-20, T-30, B-12, S-1 (photos)
Comanche Skimmer B-18, S-1, H-2 (photos – f ovipositing, m-perched at B)
Widow Skimmer C-3, T-3, B-2, S-1, R-1, H-1
Jade-striped Sylph B-1
Roseate Skimmer C-6, T-1, B-1 (film, photos)
Blue Dasher C-40, T-3, H-1
Slough Amberwing C-3
Eastern Amberwing C-12, T-2 (film, photos)
Common Whitetail C-6
Filigree Skimmer T-1
saddlebags sp. T-2
Black Saddlebags C-4
Red Saddlebags C-3

Sad Underwing C-1 (film, photos)

Black Swallowtail C-4 T-4
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail C-1b
Giant Swallowtail C-2 T-1
Pipevine Swallowtail C-3 T-2 B-2
Dainty Sulphur B-1
Sleepy Orange C-20 T-4
Lyside Sulphur C-9 T-4 B-2
Cloudless Sulphur C-2
Large Orange Sulphur C-1
Fatal Metalmark C-1 (film, photos)
American Snout T-1
Phaon Crescent C-40 B-3 S-1
Bordered Patch C-30 T-12
American Lady B-2
Goatweed Leafwing T-1 (film, photos)
Tawny Emperor C-2 (film)
Empress Antonia C-1 H-1
Gulf Fritillary C-3 T-2 B-1
Common Buckeye C-1
Common Mestra C-2 T-1 B-1
Viceroy C-1
Queen C-5 (film, photos)
Monarch C-2 T-1
Common/White Checkered-Skipper C-8
Funereal Duskywing T-1
Horace’s Duskywing T-1
Common Sootywing C-12
Fiery Skipper C-1

Red Harvester Ant C-+ B-+

Orange Grasshopper (film)
Gray Bird Grasshopper C-1
small grasshopper sp. C-1000
Central Texas Leaf Katydid C-20 T-8 B-4

Smallish Orb Weaver C-3 (film)

Asian Clam C-1

Guadalupe Bass B-4 (photos)
Blacktail Shiner B-100

Blanchard’s Cricket Frog T-4 B-20 S-10
Rio Grande Leopard Frog C-3 B-12
Bullfrog C-1

Spotted Whiptail C-15
Blotched Watersnake B-1
Red-eared Slider C-6 (film, photos)

Great Blue Heron S-1
Green Heron C-1
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck C-3 (film, photos)
Turkey Vulture C-20 T-3 B-12
Black Vulture C-4 T-2 B-2
Red-tailed Hawk B-1
Wild Turkey K-40
Killdeer C-1
Common Nighthawk H-1
Rock Pigeon +
Mourning Dove C-10
White-winged Dove C-30
Greater Roadrunner C-1
Chimney Swift B-1
Black-chinned Hummingbird C-4 B-2
Green Kingfisher T-1
Ladder-backed Woodpecker C-1 S-1
Golden-fronted Woodpecker S-1
Black Phoebe T-1 B-1
Eastern Phoebe B-1
Ash-throated Flycatcher C-2
Great Kiskadee C-2
Western Kingbird K-1
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher K-3
Bell’s Vireo C-20
White-eyed Vireo S-1
Green Jay C-3
Blue Jay H-1
Common Raven K-4
Cliff Swallow B-200 (film, photos – gathering mud for nests, building on cliff)
Canyon Wren B-1
Carolina Wren B-2
Bewick’s Wren B-1
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher B-5 (feeding fledglings)
Northern Mockingbird C-2 K-2 H-1
Yellow-throated Warbler B-2
Yellow-breasted Chat T-3
Summer Tanager H-1
Painted Bunting C-8
Northern Cardinal C-10 B-4
Pyrrhuloxia C-1
Chipping Sparrow B-1
Field Sparrow B-2
Cassin’s Sparrow C-2 T-1
Lesser Goldfinch C-6 T-2 B-2 H-2
Brown-headed Cowbird B-2
Great-tailed Grackle +
House Sparrow +

Fallow Deer K-1
Blackbuck K-20
Red Lechwe K-2
Elk K-2
White-tailed Deer K-30

Cliff Swallows collecting mud at Big Springs Ranch, Real Co.

Comanche Skimmer, Libellua comanche, male, perched
TX: Real Co, Big Springs Ranch

Comanche Skimmer, Libellua comanche, female, ovipositing
TX: Real Co, Big Springs Ranch

Stream Bluet, Enallagma exsulans
TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch

Five-striped Leaftail, Phyllogomphoides albrighti
TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch

Red-tailed Pennant, Brachymesia furcata
TX: Uvalde Co., Cook's Slough

Sad Underwing, Catocala maestosa
TX: Uvalde Co., Cook's Slough

Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea
TX: Uvalde Co., Cook's Slough

Eastern Amberwing, Perithemis tenera
TX: Uvalde Co., Cook's Slough

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