Friday, July 09, 2010

COM: Stupid People's Deathwishes

the local version of the Darwin awards maybe . . .

last week i was sitting on my jeep in the courthouse parking lot, taking pictures of the demolition of the old Sid Peterson Hospital (since they tried to kill me there twice, there was more than a little sense of elation about the whole thing) . . . lots of other folks were parked there as well, most with cameras, some just sitting around like it was a fourth of july picnic sans beer . . . and then some guy in his 20s or so drove past, did a double take and began rubbernecking . . . at first he seemed bewildered by all the people parked there, as though completely ignorant of the five stories worth of bricks tumbling to the ground across the street . . . and then he seemed to recognize someone in the crowd, and started waving and shouting, and plowed right into someone stopped at the red light at the intersection . . . i took a couple pics, but was too far away to capture the absolute humiliation on his face . . . priceless

then yesterday, a bit more scarily, i was driving to town (to pay my insurance incidentally) when an elderly person in a bright shiny black VW bug came sliding out of Gold's Body Shop without any look back at all that i could see . . . i was doing about 50 and left skidmarks, and off they toodled, apparently oblivious . . . i had no trouble understanding why they were leaving Gold's, and i'd almost bet they've already wrecked again . . .

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