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REV: Two Left Feet

“Two Left Feet” Terrific

CURRENT REVIEW by Jacquie Bovée
The world premiere of the witty comedy-drama "Two Left Feet," directed by Heather Cunningham, opened at the Cailloux Theater last week. The sophisticated, yet extremely humorous plot, is as tightly crafted as many Broadway productions . . . and the cast is sensational. A must see ticket!

Playwright Jeff Cunningham’s entertaining comedy-drama is centered around Nancy Skelton, an exceptionally successful, but ever-so-clumsy, corporate accountant who dreams of being a ballerina. When Nancy finds herself in Southern California on business - in the same town as the renown Le Fleur Dance Academy - she enrolls and discovers the truth behind her Grandmother’s advice “Let your passion drive the bus, but let God steer you home.”

What better way to describe the plot than quoting Neil Simon, who once revealed, “My view is ‘how sad and funny life is.’ I can’t think of a humorous situation that does not involve some pain. I used to ask, ‘What is a funny situation?’ Now I ask, ‘What is a sad situation and how can I tell it humorously?” Cunningham adds a hearty dose of solid integrity and some good old fashioned “goodness.”

When Nancy auditions for admittance to the prestigious dance academy she encounters Rachel, a hostile instructor with secrets of her own. Both Nancy and Rachel are superbly portrayed by Amy Goodyear and Heather Cunningham.

The Le Fleur is run (after a fashion) by a bumbling businessman and his eccentric European dancer wife . . . Dexter Nixon (perfectly played by Brian Bondy) and Bridget (marvelously portrayed by Ahita Ardalan).

The somewhat goofy husband and wife team are assisted by Ned, a well-meaning nephew who falls for Stephanie, a charming ballet student. Ned a gentle sober soul and Stephanie a clever ingenue are wonderfully portrayed by Dale Green and Sloan Frierson.

The shows includes a delightful bunch of Play2K Academy students playing ballerinas. Rachel Jordan as Mean, Megan Simon as Pretty, Shirley Dixon as Blonde Girl, Amanda Radkiewicz as Dumb, Erin Bondy as Tiny and Natalie Tonner as Goth Girl who performs a lovely ballet solo. Guest performer and educator Ardalan worked with the Academy girls, teaching them ballet, movement and body awareness.

Tony Gallucci's appearance, in a cameo performance as the IRS Chief Auditor, is hysterical. And Jane Angelus (Auditor), Pam Frierson (Auditor 1), Judy Jordan (Auditor 2) and Rachel Stone Boland (UPS Girl) round out the talented cast.

Jeff Cunningham's scenic design is, as always, a feast for the eyes. The brick work is amazing, and Nick Boland's clever lighting design moves the action seamlessly.

Do yourself a favor and find out how Nancy, and some w friends, learn the valuable lessons behind, “Let your passion drive the bus, but let God steerfar-out ne you home.” Maybe you will agree with this reviewer - that "Two Left Feet" is not just a very well written comedy-drama - it is truly a mystic experience.

See you at the theatre!


The show runs thru July 31, with evening performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm. There will be a Sunday matinée on the July 25 at 2pm. For reservations and information call Cailloux Theater Box Office at 896-9393 ext 223.

From the left: Ned (Dale Green), Stephanie (Sloan Frierson), Heather Cunningham (Rachel), Nancy (Amy Goodyear), Bridget (Ahita Ardalan), Dexter (Brian Bondy) and IRS Auditor (Tony Gallucci) - Photo by Jacquie Bovée

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