Friday, August 13, 2010

The Daily Silliness

got this in email . . . touching, but i'm passing . . . just in case someone else is interested thought here's the lowdown . . .

My Dear,
I am very happy to see your email from a penpal site. I am looking for a male friend from anywhere around the world only for marriage. I dream we shall marry each other when you come to Canada . I am working as Human resource manager of Adexec Footwears Company here in Canada.

I will help you if you wish to come and marry me. I work in a big company here in Canada. Our company offers job oppotuinities with free air line tickets. I want you to write to the company to the email and demand a work permit so that you will be given an application form to apply a job in the company which you will be given an invitation letter for your visa to Canada . The least salary in our company is 1500dollars weekly. Many people are applying now so pls if you love me and want to come to Canada for me, pls write to the company now before the deadline for application reaches.

I am 26yrs and I believe we can marry each other. I have been dreaming of marrying with a foreigner. I hope you will not fail me so try and come to Canada. Do not hesitate to be emailing me from time to time, pls send your pictures to my email address
I need your picture,

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