Thursday, August 05, 2010

TCR: Dr. Drew on Sanity

Dr. Drew: Prop 8 Tramples on Basic Civil Rights
By Dr. Drew Pinsky,
Larry King Live Guest Blogger, August 4, 2010, Posted: 06:50 PM ET

Dr Drew

I am certainly by no means a legal scholar. Nor do I have any special understanding of American History. I am an American citizen with a deep appreciation of the brilliantly balanced system our founding fathers created.

There was a reason they set up our system as a republic and not a direct democracy. The Jacksonian Revolution started us in a direction whereby direct appeal to the people and direct democracy gained a distinct priority in our value system.

But never did the founding generations expect that we might see the advent of a system where a simple appeal to a majority could result in any whim the majority might decide to assert.

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