Thursday, September 09, 2010

ENV: Oh Hermine, so easily offended . . .

Well, that's what i get for opening my mouth. I kind of dissed Hermine after she passed through here, saying a late spring storm (which did lots of wind damage and created some serious flooding) had made her look like a kindergarten storm (see below somewhere). Well, early this morning we caught her last little twinkle of revenge. From 4 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. she dumped torrents of rain on us in steady driving sheets, accompanied by an impressive lightshow.

When i finally dragged myself out of bed an hour later i figured there might be some serious flooding going on, what with saturated ground from her official visit two days ago. When i walked out my door i encountered the first sign that i was right . . . leaves, dirt, small limbs washed up on my porch -- something i've never seen before. I live halfway up a small hill, and to have that much debris on my doorstep was indicative of just how much rain had come down right on top of me. The creek at the bottom of the hill was in as good a flow as it's been in many months -- it drains about 750 acres at this point. But as i headed the one mile across the ranch to work, i ran across debris field after debris field in places i have not seen in my time here. And while the same creek, where it runs below my office, was flowing as it does after any substantial rainfall, there was a debris field showing that at some point in the previous couple of hours it had risen about six feet (see photos below).

Suspecting a major flood in progress, i drove into town to check the river . . . Johnson Creek, which our little creek feeds, had risen but only about a foot, and the river might have risen an inch if at all . . .


Then i noticed that there was little evidence in town of rain in town at all, other than it being wet.

So i came back to the office and checked the radar for rainfall totals . . . and it looks like the storm was highly isolated. By color code it appears that we may have gotten 8-10 inches, but in an extremely limited area. Around us got more more like 2-3 inches.

[update: checking the official rainfall totals for our local reporting station - -Kerrville, about eight miles SE -- they're reporting a total of 0.02" since midnight!]

So i'm not going to be laughing at tropical storms any more.

This is the rainfall totals for the storm from north of us in
the metroplex . . . no room for me to complain -- they got

So if you look at our specific storm radar, you'll
see us in that little isolated patch to the left.

Here it is up close. Yep, we're in that intense spot.

Debris field from out my office window

The creek below my office.

Where the creek crosses the road on the way from my place to the office.

Another look from below my office. You can see the debris
field above and across the road in the background. It was
at least six feet high here, and perhaps higher.

Another look from across the creek to my office in the background.

From the base of the creek here i could look across at the
edge of the debris field at about head height.

The Guadalupe did manage to accumulate some sizeable pools of debris

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