Sunday, October 10, 2010

ART: The incredible vision of the Koppenbergs

a little over a year ago, through methods i won't detail now, and coming with an amazing backstory it would take me days to write, i came to know two young men, twins, Arthur and Oliver Koppenberg, who live south of town here. besides the fact that they have fascinating stories, i first became enchanted by their poetry and writings, which they had only been at a few months at the time. even newer were their attempts at art -- and yet you would never have guessed that they were in fact 'new' at either venture. i don't know which i'd rate them better at -- art or writing -- but they clearly excel at both. i struggle wondering about their future as they haven't a clear path to anywhere right now. in the meantime i am trying to expose them to as much as i can, and to expose the world to them.

so, with that in mind, here are some digital copies of some of their art, a few of these have been submitted to an art contest. clicking on the picture will take you to a high-res version.

if you want more of a taste of that they can do, check out Arthur at, and Oliver at

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At 8:03 PM, Anonymous The-Music-of-hands said...

Two fantastically talented boys! I would love to see the twins excel in the artistic realm, and when looking at all their work, it warms my heart to see such scathingly brilliant conceptual art coming from two very young minds.
They will go far indeed.


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