Tuesday, October 05, 2010

SPC: NOH8 Photoshoot

i had planned to write a lengthy blog yesterday, but spent most of the day on the road. so this will have to do for now, and i'll return to blog at length sometime later this week. Oliver and Arthur and i drove 4-plus hours to College Station, and of course the 4-plus hours home. as i described it to friend, it was a kind of perfect storm -- monday was already a deeply personal day on my calendar; it was National Suicide Prevention Day, which deepened the poignance of the day; plus i've been engaged in writing and speaking more and more about cyberbullying and teen suicide. there are too many parallels and intersections to detail here, but the end result was this trip. the great sadness wrought by the high-profile gay teen suicides of the last couple of weeks brought everything into sharp, sharp focus.

[update: the news of Dan Gordon-Levitt's death on our return, on top of those of Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, and all the others, is crushing]

so between speaking engagements, i managed to get away with these two young brilliant writers and artists, and we toured A&M, spent some quiet moments at the bonfire memorial, and participated in what felt very much like a historical moment -- the NOH8 Campaign's first Texas photoshoot -- all the more ironic and momentous because it happened at A&M, which is a far different place than when i was a student there. although a hallmark of the school has always been the tight community and outward friendliness, it's history is that that community and that friendliness were once reserved for those who fit into certain round pegs. but things change don't they? and so, with some considerable wonder, i watched a senior, in boots, participate in the shoot.

i have developed renewed purpose and direction for writing now, and will be concentrating on the scourge of hatred directed at lgbt teens and its effect in denying them the ultimate rights -- the simple pursuit of life, liberty & happiness -- the ability to simply live without fear, every single moment of their days. i will certainly be making a more audible effort at tackling the suicide rate, trying to talk more and more about cyberbullying (and everyday bullying for that matter). life these days is tough enough for any kid without some slice of them being made to feel as if they are somehow outside the circle of humanity. enough of the hatred, please.

The NOH8 Campaign

The Trevor Project

Project LifeVest

The Texas Civil Rights Review

some pictures from the NOH8 event . . . thanks a million to Adam Bouska, Jeff Parshley and the entire NOH8 crew for creating a room full of smiles . . .

and a parting note -- this is an ad i produced for the Ad Council and the National Crime Prevention Councilm starring the wonderful Faith Danielson . . .

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