Friday, February 25, 2011

wait, two-tenths? that's 20%! small?! gag . . .

Gates and Defense Department Comptroller Robert Hale said they are working toward getting the Pentagon audit-ready by 2017, but noted that the department -- which has thousands of auditors reviewing programs -- isn't blind to how money is being spent.

"I'm committed to audits. I understand we need them for public confidence. But the fact that we can't pass commercial audit standards does not mean we have no idea where we're spending the money that you send us," Hale said. "We have several thousand auditors watching us. And I note, if we had no idea what we were doing with the money, we'd have rampant Anti-Deficiency Act violations. Over the last five years, about two-tenths of our budget has been associated with ADAs. That's more than I'd like, but it's pretty small."


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