Thursday, May 19, 2011

You're Dangerous

Rubio Construction, Kingsland, Texas, yeah you. You there in the elephant-sized truck. You who were so selfish and impatient that you couldn't wait, three, maybe four seconds for me and the car behind me to pass so you could pull into the clear lane behind us. You who had exactly zero traffic within a half mile coming from the other way, meaning there was no emergency, no one in a million gap to squeeze into. You who barreled into the middle turn lane so fast and with such determination that none of us knew what you were doing. You who caused me and the car behind to both swerve violently, me at least nearly losing control, both of us nearly hitting the cars in the outside lane. Yeah you, doing what you did is illegal. Which frankly i could care less about, except that it's illegal at least in part because it's dangerous -- but also, because it's illegal, we have to be on guard and deferent to anyone who uses it improperly and thus it always, ALWAYS, creates a dangerous situation. And because today you didn't give a flying whit about the safety or lives or concerns of anyone else you very nearly caused a four car pileup and then drove on by us all completely oblivious to what you'd done. It was selfish, impatient and dangerous. That's you dude.

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