Sunday, October 02, 2011


NFL Players Association, A CALL TO MEN and
Verizon Foundation Launch “Training Camps for Life”

To Teach Teens About Healthy Relationships and Take the Pledge for Life

A new program launching in October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month – will educate teens on relationship abuse and empower them to engage in healthy relationships. One in three teens experience relationship abuse and nearly half report having done something that compromised their values to please their partner.

Training Camps for Life (TCFL), a partnership between the NFL Players Association, A CALL TO MEN and the Verizon Foundation, will launch in October at high schools across the country. Each Training Camp will reach between 300-500 teens and will include a post-event in-class curriculum designed to help teens heal from past abuse, engage in healthy teen relationships, and increase safety on school campuses.

Participants will have the option to take the LIVERESPECT pledge (, a commitment to end dating abuse and domestic violence, including:

Treating people with dignity and respect
Not physically, emotionally or verbally abusing anyone
Never blaming someone for being abused
Speaking out against violence

ABOUT WILLIS WHALEN: Willis Whalen is a Manager at the NFL Player’s Association. Willis developed a version of Training Camps for Life when he ran youth programs for the Miami Dolphins. He brought the program to the NFLPA in 2005 and has managed it ever since.

ABOUT LUPITA REYES: Lupita Reyes is a national program director for the Verizon Foundation. She negotiated the partnership between Verizon Foundation and NFLPA and successfully lobbied for the integration of a healthy relationships segment in the Training Camps for Life. She manages all domestic violence prevention programming for the Verizon Foundation.

ABOUT TED BUNCH: Ted Bunch is the co-founder of A CALL TO MEN, recognized internationally for his expertise in organizing and educating men in an effort to end violence against women. He is an expert on healthy relationships and domestic violence prevention. He trains at colleges, universities, and for professional sports organizations including the National Football League.


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