Sunday, May 29, 2005

COM: Graduation

I've thought it interesting for some time that we go through so many graduations in our young lives. Long ago i postulated some reasons why they are important in an ethological sense, but that has never satisfied my curiosity about why we seem to have so many. Kindergarten, Elementary, Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade, Junior High, High School, College.

Well, it's irrelevant actually. They happen. Most of them are just little piffle exercises. The one that perhaps should matter most -- college -- means little in the grand scheme.

So why this discourse? Because there is i believe one of these events which really does mean something powerful in the grand scheme of someone's life -- high school. Beyond the technical steps of receiving a diploma, and making another move to another level, high school graduation is truly a sendoff. It's the last time most kids are together with the peers they've been with for about 72% of their lives, it's the time when parents are turning them loose from their homes to go out into the real world (as opposed to dumping them into the drudgery of real life that happens post-college), and in some ways i think most importantly, it's the community sending their product off into the world.

Tonight i watched as some of the finest kids i've seen grow up walked the stage in Warrior Stadium and get ready to set off in their new lives. And for each of the ones i knew i could see pieces of this small town we live in indelibly etched into their selves. For a small podunk Texas place we can be mighty proud of how this group will represent us.

In addition to the drama of a huge storm lighting up the horizon, we were treated to an incredibly eloquent essay by Salutatorian Jonah Priour (on his way to Rice U.), followed by a self-composed song he did with fellow Honor Grad Lauren Brown, followed by the grandest thanking of those who helped along the way by Valedictorian Josh Essel, to the hilarious keynote by Larry McCarty.

So thanks for who you are and great luck in the real world to Ingram Tom Moore Grads Jonah Priour, Lauren Brown, Lauren Hensley, Mikaela Lewis, Kevin Chipman, Chris Ford, Gary Givens, Brett Griffin, Kyle Grona, Aaron Hutto, Breanna Nidever, Samantha Poorman, Chris Wilson, Shane Conley, John Ferguson, Anthony Goodman, Brian Hensley, Wes Isenhower, Will Jones, Ryan King and Amanda Wortham.

And, unfortunately my time with Tivy High School has been limited the last few years and i don't know as many kids as i once knew there, but the ones i know are outstanding. So best of everything to Graham Douglass (Valedictorian and headed for Syracuse), Sonny Eckhart, Travis Peters, and Danny Flink (and there may be more, i'm trying to track down a list of graduates).


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