Friday, May 13, 2005

ENV: Even the venerable National Geographic . . .

needs fact checkers, math lessons, and a visit to . . .

Skippy, our favorite Bush Kangaroo got the big mention on The Daily Show the other night, and followed with a roundhouse about a National Geographic article on Kangaroo attacks which misidentified the source of a slur.

What i thought quite amazing really was that a) NG reported an attack by a 9-foot kangaroo. Well, my gosh, there are no 9-foot kangaroos, but b) there is a conversion factor that roughly translates meters to feet at 1:3. Now had the venerable, much adored (and one of my favorite all-time reads) NG just known that obscure little conversion factor, maybe they'd have realized that there are, in fact, 4-and-a-half-foot kangaroos.

In fact, i have one in the backyard:

HipHop, the Red Kangaroo


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