Friday, May 27, 2005

ENV: Not-Really-a-Cat-Friday

Well, it's that time again. Last week i was out of town and so did not get a pic posted in time, but added it later. Last week's is HERE, of a Filigree Skimmer, Pseudoleon superbus.

This week the special critterette is a bird that i've admired for decades. I once saw a pair as a kid in Houston but never thought i'd see the day i might have some in the aviary. But last week while gathering critters for this summer's program i stumbled across four pair of these phenomenal birds and got every one of them. They are a parasitic bird from east Africa, and are now introduced and wild in several Caribbean island countries. They are being trapped there now and imported -- two birds, one stone, i guess. The objective is to rid those islands of the birds, which are impacting native species, and to provide them to aviculturists.

I have no other species to serve as hosts, so though they'll go through display rituals they will not replicate on my watch. Still they are fantastic little birds to watch.

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Paradise Whydah, Vidua paradisaea


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